We need you on our team to change the world


We are living the biggest transformation of our history and Technology is at the core of our strategy.


By joining us, you will be part of the most important technological PROJECT in the financial sector in the world. A project in constant growth thanks to our super team of tech-driven minds, hard-working and a bit geeky, who are very clear about what we want: to help millions of people prosper and achieve their dreams.


World’s top 25 best workplaces according to Great Place to Work.


We are a diverse skill-set and backgrounds team. Our job is constantly evolving, so we grow together while having fun working with the latest technology stack on the market. With presence in many, many countries, challenging international projects are easily found in our internal job posting!


If you think you’re up for the challenge, who said anything about limits?! 🚀​


Behind the technology there are always people.


That's why we want you to feel comfortable. We have great offices, spacious and bright, with different spaces set up to make the most out of your day. From Agile rooms to green zones, individual focus to huge auditoriums 🙌​


We continue evolving the way we work!


For this transformation we are focusing on new ways of working such as agile methodologies and flexible working.


PS. Attractive holiday package available 😉​


We all count. We look for innovative and enthusiastic people who want to make a real impact, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation… Just need you to be yourself.


We promote initiatives to improve the role of women in technology, the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, the LGBT+ collective visibility and other underrepresented groups.


We aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, supporting the transition of all our customers to a low-carbon economy, while driving inclusive and sustainable growth.


We finance more renewable energy projects than any other bank, according to the Dealogic League Table. Our operations are carbon neutral, we promote carbon offset projects, reduce single-use plastics and our buildings use LED lighting, as progress towards our objective of reducing our environmental footprint.


Continuous learning, sharing knowledge, know the experts and learn from them. For us it is essential to keep learning new skills and stay in the game! You will have access to learning platforms to prepare you for official certifications 📚


We also have language courses, bootcamps and scholarships for you. We are ready to see what you can do!


We have left this to the last because we know that your priority is to find the PROJECT and TEAM of your dreams.


Now that you have found it, we can tell you: YES!, we offer competitive economic packages, offering an incentive for your happiness and thus, your achievement of goals.

Job opportunities available

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Driving the transformation worldwide

At Santander, we believe in Business and Tech working together as a One Team. Our Agile teams drive the transformation of the Group worldwide, applying the Agile mindset and principles so that not only the software development but also our day-to-day life can be more efficient and effective. The Agile team has the goal of transform a company with 200K+ employees. Will you join the challenge?



Exposing our Banking Products in an easy way

We are creating a new business channel.

From offices to Contact Centers, to exponentially growth with Internet and mobile. Now we are creating a way for a customer to operate with us through APIs. Customers will be able to connect their systems with us to make payments or open an account. We are building a global API layer to improve our customer engagement capabilities. We are building the Santander of tomorrow, will you join us?



IT Cloud

Cloud is just one step to the sky!

At Santander we have succeeded in implementing one of the most rapid world cloud adoption projects. We have a hybrid platform which gives us the advantages of the public cloud (AWS and Azure) and the private cloud (OHE – Optimised Hosting Environment). We’re committed to a global solution based on hyperconvergence, will you be part of this huge cloud digitalization?




Developing a top customer experience

The customer is at the centre of the business. We're creating the best customer experiences, orienting commercial management, customer service and the offering of financial products and services to the needs of each customer, seeking a trusting, long-lasting and profitable relationship. In addition to all the intelligence applied to our customer data, we adopt the main SaaS platforms that lead the market in CRM and ERP.



Different skill-sets and backgrounds working together

Cybersecurity threats have emerged as a systemic risk for the global economy’s digital transformation journey. Our goal in the cyber team is to make Santander a cyber-resilient organization by implementing a world class, global and agile capability so that everyone benefits from the opportunities new technologies bring. As a global cyber team, we bring talent from many entities across the globe, enabling collaboration and agility. Join us at this great challenge!




Born to be algorithm

Data is an enabler for banking business. Many called it the new oil. We are heading into a data driven organization that harnesses data as a competitive asset, to drive innovation and create actionable insights to supercharge the experience for their customers, partners and employees. Help us ensure the quality of the data, real-time trace and have the best strategy around Data Lakes, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and so much more!



At the core of our culture

Plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, monitor and back. Maybe you have heard about these concepts. But DevOps is more than that, it is the core of a culture, a culture that is designed to drive the best practices, principles and tools that increases our organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high speed. Will you like to create the entire cycle of a new generation of financial applications?


IT Business

IT Business

Creating the best working environment

There is no time to lose. Team management is key for the project success. And the basis for a good people management is to create a good working environment. In a global fast-evolving environment, you will manage multidisciplinary teams to design, implement and provide solutions. You will lead, guide, create, innovate with digital solutions, take decisions and communicate them. Are you ready to take project management to the next level?

SW Engineer

Software Engineer

Coding the future

Tech-driven mind, willing to transform anything into solutions through software engineering? We work with best-in-class technical solutions and top-notch talent all over the world. Technical design, engineering, data modelling, testing automation, data virtualization, continuous integration, cloud-compliance… will be the levers for your Talent. Being at the heart of Santander Digital Transformation, you will be part of a unique opportunity to build the future of one of greatest companies in the world.


System & Infrastructure



We are ready to see what you can do

Haven't found anything that suits you? Rome wasn't made in a day! If you want to be part of the biggest transformation of our history, we have many more technology positions to work in around the world. Infrastructure, monitor systems, develop solutions, design the network infrastructure, control and implementation of new projects... Try here!

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